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Viviane Wins Best Pan-African Act - 2012 NEA Awards!

on Sep 03, 2012

Congratulations to Wonda Music international artist Viviane Chidid for winning BEST-PAN AFRICAN ACT last night at the 2012 NEA Awards in New York City! Check out exclusive photos taken at Platinum Sound Recording Studios with Sarkodie, Jerry Wonda & UK singer Estelle below!

Click HERE for all the latest VIVIANE MUSIC TV updates!

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Wonda Music Website Under Construction!

on Jun 23, 2012

Pardon our appearance, the Wonda Music official website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

For the latest updates, check out our other social media pages!

Wonda Music Official YouTube Channel!

Wonda Music Official Facebook!


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Olivia feat. Mavado - Soldier Girl

on May 23, 2012



Olivia Longott, former G-Unit singer/VH1 "Love & Hip Hop" star, signed to the Wonda Music label in April 2012. Olivia is busy working on her new album entitled Show The World - Check out her latest hit recorded at Platinum Sound Recording Studios in NYC - "Soldier Girl" feat. Mavado!


What do YOU think of Olivia's new sound?!

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BLKDMNDS Drops New YFame Video!

on May 09, 2012

BLKDMNDS Media leaked a brand new YFame video today for his hit song "The Somebody-ish Nobody" on their official YouTube channel! 

Born in Philadelphia PA, Lester Bridges Jr. signed to the Wonda Music label at the age of 21. Although this is one of his first official videos to hit the web, the rapper's musical endeavors are far from just beginning. Self-titled Famey Miscellany has already created an extensive catalog of mixtapes and has worked in the studio with the hottest producers in the game. 


YFAME [The Somebody] 

In this big ol' world, I got one of the smallest roles like a