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Reality TV Reviews - Love & Hip Hop Edition!


Vanessa Tara Angiuli's picture
on Jan 25, 2012

A number of reality TV blogs including and reviewed last night's season finale episode of Love & Hip Hop with nothing but love for Mr. Jerry Wonda!


RealityTea blog author Lauren said, "Olivia meets with music producer Jerry Wonda, and she hopes the pairing will be exactly what her music and her career needs. She shares with him a song that she’s written for her mother. Jerry picks up a guitar and makes her sing her words as he plays. What a talent he is—I’m melting with his flipping guitar playing. Oh Jerry. Things could be looking up for Olivia’s career with Jerry Wonda onboard."


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RealityAired blog author said, "Olivia wrote a letter to her mother (who would always write letters instead of talking to her) and she wants to make it into a song. She visits Jerry Wonda. As soon as Jerry hears the words he plays a melody and the song is on its way."


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