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  • In a recent interview with AOL Boombox, Jerry discussed the death of Whitney Houston, as well as some of his most recent projects working with Olivia LongottMiguel, and Keyshia Cole!



    Jerry said:

    "It's actually a song that I remember me and Clef cooked the beat for on the bus while we were on tour. When Whitney showed up, she was with her daughter and I remember when we put her daughter [in front of the mic] and she said, "Sing Mommy!" She loved it so much, it was like, she'd be like, "Cue my daughter's voice loud!" We'd turn it up, she'd be like, "No! Louder! Louder!" 


    Check out the

  • Jerry sat down with The Source Magazine for an interview about his career and the hardships of the music industry! Check it out below:



    Jerry said:

    Do you have any advice for new producers looking to make it big in the business?

    "You want to be a producer, stop acting like you know everything.  Learn from everyone!  Learn from the best.  Learn from the person that you think is not the best, because you never know what you’ll learn from them because everyone has something to teach you.  Learn to play an instrument.

  • Jerry Wonda sat down with for an interview last week, reminiscing about his Fugee's days in the "Booga Baseement" and revealing his big plans for 2012! Check it out below:


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    Jerry Wonda was in the studio last night with fellow producers Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph, Arden Keyz and Redd Stylez!



    Later in the evening, the dream team tweeted:

    "Sak Pase: A buncha haitians in the studio at one time... @princewonda @reddstylez @arden @audio_rydeout ... #SakPaseNation"

    "ReddStylez: The studio is going wild right now! In a good way too"