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Olivier "Akos" Castelli

Olivier “Akos” Castelli, a native of Lyon, France is an award nominated producer/arranger/composer who was born with the love of music in his blood. He has invested over 25 years of his life to creating music. His original style gained him attention and popularity in his native country of France. Akos was originally noticed by legendary French MC and entrepreneur, Akhenaton, a member of the renowned French rap group “IAM”; with whom Akos signed his first publishing deal (La Cosca Publishing) with in 2000.

Akos has gone on to successfully score the Taxi 2 motion picture & produced several records for the soundtrack, which went gold in the first week, and eventually reached double-platinum status. The two AKOS produced singles released off of Taxi 2 sound track, "Millenaire" and "Lettre Ouverte", both reached #1 on the national Billboard charts, and was nominated for the French ¨Les Victoires de la Musique¨, the equivalent to the US Grammy Award.

His discography ranges from works in movie and television scoring, music production, as well as original music for commercials. Other accomplishments include production for Nuttea’s #1 2000 album “Un signe de temps”, PSY4’s multi-gold 2002 album “Block Party”, and Akhenaton’s platinum 2001 album “Sol Invictus”.

Akos’ global sound brings a new fresh element to the Wonda Music team.


Artist Title Album Link
Aasim Radio Skit Off the Shelf (Mixtape)  
Aasim MJ Skit Off the Shelf (Mixtape)  
Aasim Scarface Skit Off the Shelf (Mixtape)  
Aasim Casino Skit Off the Shelf (Mixtape)  
  Millenaire Taxi 2 Soundtrack  
  Lettre Ouverte Taxi 2 Soundtrack